Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Breath of Fresh Air

Spring is in the air here at Geekenhaven... the windows are open and that's good because we've got some heady fumes coming out of this place right now! 

What's that? Well TDAWG is busy pouring molds and casting a brand new series of refrigerator magnets, painting up a batch of hand-sculpted "sweet leaf" pendants and I'm just lost in a cloud of Monster Kolor aerosols, finishing up some sofubi that's been on the WIP shelf for too long.

You may notice a slightly new look to the blog, and that's probably just for starters. We're working toward a more unified approach to our online presence, and that means regularly stocking our new online store at Etsy with new custom creations.

The first batch of goodies will be available tomorrow afternoon by 4:20pm EST, with all the goodies I just mentioned, several Glyos customs, and even some of the very last 2013 Sickophants painted by yours truly!