Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Update

TDAWG's "Grim Squad Zombidoc" for Vinyl Thoughts 3
Another 6 months or so, another update on this neglected blog. All of the excitement has been over at our Facebook page, with over 100 likes and new ones every day. TDAWG and I have been working on a lot of projects, with several pieces going to shows in the last few months, such as Vinyl Thoughts 3 and The Grody Shogun mashup show.

We have also changed stores again, to Etsy this time, and I think we're there to stay. Seems like a good fit.

The Elephant Nosebleed zine and figures are still in the works. Probably by the end of the year. Big stuff happening. I want to try and keep this blog at least somewhat updated, since we are doing more now and not everyone is on Facebook. - WolverineBurger

WolverineBurger's "Blue Blood Barry" for Lulubell's Grody Shogun Mashup