Monday, April 2, 2012


After several weeks of trying to find a new host for the store, I ended up going back to BigCartel, but upgraded to the $10/month plan so we could have more inventory, pics, tracking, etc. I put a couple customs in last night to get it rolling, one of which sold in about 3 minutes!

The link is over there on the right, we are working on some buttons to make navigation a bit classier, or at least intersting.

From here on out, you are gonna see customs from both me and TDAWG on a near-weekly basis, and don't forget we are still working on the Elephant Nosebleed zine and the companion resin figure. Steve has sent us some WIP shots, and you can see it's lookin' gnarly!

Submissions are still open for the zine, though pasting has already begun. We are still grinding out our video for the Kickstarter campaign, expecting to launch it sometime before the end of the month. 

If you are interested in getting us virtually ANY kind of writing or art for this wild free-for-all of a basement publication, send an email to or check out the zine's Facebook page and hit me up there.